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 Dance Class Enrollment Process

Open Enrollment All Year with end of the year Dance Recital, Disneyland Parade Performance and local performances in the area for our recreational and competitive dancers. We also offer Competition Teams for ages 10- 19 years old in Hip Hop, and Jazz. Great opportunities at our studio with lots of growth, building confidence and meeting new friends. Sign up today!!!!!!!                                        

 Please fill out the IDS Policy Contract, Registration and Medical Release forms when registering for a class. Please bring these items along with Tuition and the Annual Fee . For New Students it's $45.00 per person / Returning Students $35.00 per person (Tuition & Annual Fee prices can be found under General Info) .If your trying a class out for the first time you must sign the Drop In Form (No Obligation To Sign Up For Class just a one time thing). "Drop In" price will be deducted when registering for a class . You can find these items under forms on the home page. If you would like to turn your forms in you can do so at the studio or online by emailing us at If you have any questions please call 707-738-6556

Please bring to your first dance class the following items: (All items can be found under forms)

1.) Medical Release Form

2.) Policy Contract/ Media Release Form

3.) Registration Form

4.) Direct Deposit Form

 5.) 1st Month Tuition/ Annual Fee


Dance Class Schedule 2018-19

Beginning Level 1 Ballet (7-10)  /  3:30pm-4:15pm  / Instructor: Grayson Capener
Intermediate Level 2 Ballet (11-14)  /  4:15pm-5:00pm  /  Instructor: Grayson Capener
Lil Ballet (3-6)  /  5:00pm-5:30pm  / Instructor: Ella Powers
Intermediate Level 2 Jazz (11-15)  /  5:30pm-6:20pm  /  Instructor: Christa Gonzales
X Force Cheer Practice / 6:20pm-7:20pm / Instructor: Nayely Hernandez (CLOSED)
Advance Level 3 Pre-Point Ballet (11-19) / 7:20pm-8:50pm / Instructor: Christa Gonzales
Competition Hip Hop Team Practice / 3:45pm-4:45pm / Instructor: Christa Gonzales (CLOSED)
Competition  Jazz Team Practice / 4:45pm-5:45pm / Instructor: Christa Gonzales (CLOSED)
Advance Level 1 & 2 Jazz (15-19)  / 5:45pm-6:45pm  /  Instructor: Christa Gonzales
Advance Level 3 Contemporary (14-19)  /  6:45pm-7:45pm  / Instructor: Christa Gonzales
Advance Level 3 Hip Hop (15-19)  /  7:45pm-8:45pm /  Instructor: Christa Gonzales
Beginning Level 1 Hip Hop (7-10)  / 2:55pm-3:40pm  / Instructor: Monse Garcia
Intermediate Level 1 Jazz (11-14) / 3:40pm-4:30pm / Instructor: Monse Garcia
Acro Dance Level 1 &2  / 4:30pm-5:30pm  /  Instructor: Christa Gonzales
Lil Jazz (3-6) / 5:30pm-6:00pm  / Instructor: Ella Powers

Lil Hip Hop (3-6)  / 6:00pm-6:30pm  /  Instructor: Ella Powers

Competition Jr Jazz Practice / 6:30pm-7:30pm / Instructor: Megan Charney (CLOSED)

Adult Classes / 8:30pm-9:30pm / Instructor: TBA (Please follow us on Instagram @Imagedance or Fb @Imagedancestudio for up to date info)

Intermediate Level 2 Hip Hop   /  4:30pm-5:30pm  /  Instructor: E.J Tobias
Beginning Level 1 Jazz  (7-10)  / 5:30pm-6:15pm  /  Instructor: Christina Voeller
Beg- Inter Level 1 & 2 Contemporary (9-14) / 6:15pm-7:00pm / Instructor: Megan Charney

















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